In partnership with parents, cbs school belfast strive to create a learning environment where pupils are happy and relate well to each other and to members of staff. On entry to the school, pupils are banded into teaching groups, using a number of criteria which include tests administered during the last term of P.7 and their performance in primary school. As this transition from primary to post primary can be stressful for some children, care is taken to ensure the minimum upset. All Year 8 pupils are involved in a Base Class System and take part in a residential trip in their first term. This helps establish a bond between pupils, form teachers and their Head of Year. Each class has a form teacher who is responsible for the academic, spiritual and general welfare of the children in their classes. We also have an active Learning for Life and Work programme and small class numbers ensure all pupils get individual attention. In addition our own Careers teachers and representatives of the Training Employment Agency provide pupils with appropriate advice on careers. Each pupil in Years 11 and 12 has the opportunity to avail of a wide variety of work experience throughout the year as part of our Policy to develop employability skills.

The school also provides peer support through the RAINBOWS programme. This provides a bereavement and loss service where pupils are given personal support in small groups during difficult times. We also provide the services of a professional counsellor one day per week. The House/Merit system allows all our pupils an opportunity to have their achievements in/out of school recognised.

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